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Owner: Bernie Couch -- Fullerton, CA

1932 Ford Roadster

Perhaps the most popular Ford ever built was the sporty '32 Roadster V-8 with genuine leather front seat. A rumble seat was standard equipment as were cowl lamps, natural wood top bows and a tan top. Also offered was a Standard Roadster at a lower price.

The history of this particular car is astounding. Bernie purchased it for about $285 back in 1940 from McCoy Mills Ford of Fullerton. That's 65 years ago. As a single young man, he took his best girl to the prom in it. While away in the Navy during WWll, he would often think about home and his beloved '32 Roadster which was stored away safely in a garage.
Returning to civillian life after the war, he removed the fenders from the car. In automobile culture, it would become what was known as a hot-rod. With a hopped-up engine and Bernie behind the wheel, the car turned an amazing 134 M.P.H. at the El Mirage Dry Lake in 1949. It would go fenderless until 1953. According to Bernie, he put them back on then only because he was afraid if he didn't, he might lose them. The Roadster sat tucked away in his garage from 1953 to 1983 while Bernie ran a business and raised his family. In 1990, he completely restored the car. It still has a "souped" up engine and recently, after a complete engine rebuild (on the original engine) registered 160 Horse-Power on a dynometer. I guess you could say the car is part of his family...