Early Ford V-8 Club of America
Southern California Regional Group 11

Featured Club Car

Owners: Charlie & Judith Dildine, Huntington Beach, California

This month's featured vehicle is a departure from the norm - Usually this website features an Early Ford V-8 vehicle from
the years 1932 thru 1953 (the so-call flat-head era). The last flat-head Fords rolled of the assembly lines in 1953.
In 1954 they were replaced by the all new high-compession overhead valve (OHV) 8-cylinder Y-Block engines. General Motors,
Chrysler, and several other American manufactures had already made the switch. Most of these iconic trucks today are prized
as street-rods and are highly modified with bigger engines (usually Chevy) suspension changes and drive-train modifications.

Charlie & Judy's F-100 pickup is an excellent example of an original, very low mileage, stock Ford Motor Company vehicle.
It's equipped with the original Fordomatic automatic transmission first introduced in 1951 on Ford passenger cars.The engine
is a mostly stock 312 cubic-inch Y-Block V-8. The body has never been cut-up meaning all body panels are original and stock.
It retains its original Firestone spare tire and wheel tucked under the rear cargo bed. Its never been on the ground. The cabin is
the optional deluxe "Custom" cab which has the desireable large rear window. The interior is illuminated with courtesy lights.
Original drum brakes have been upgraded to disc for improved handling and braking. Perhaps someday the Early Ford V-8 Club will
recognize the highly collectible rather short-lived Y-Block equipped Ford vehicles and create a division/class for them to compete in.